In Defence of ‘Selfie Culture’ . . .

In a world affected by war, disease, famine, and a crippling recession mainstream media have a love affair with this generations apparent obsession with taking selfies. The media portrays selfies as an idiotic and attention-seaking thing to do. But let’s be real here. There is nothing wrong with taking selfies. Yes I am pro-selfie. Doesn’t the media have better things to do than obsess about this generations selfie culture? Like god forbid they should be reporting on important issues such as rape culture, sexism in politics, and crisis’s in Europe and the Middle East.

Selfies are one of the best ways to be body positive. The best thing about people taking selfies and putting it up on their social media outlets is that these people acknowledge that they are in fact attractive. This is in deep contrast to main stream media telling people that if they aren’t a size 1 or don’t have abs that they’re ugly. Selfies help spread positive attitudes towards peoples bodies and effectively helps people own their own bodies. They don’t tell you that your skin is too dark, or that your too curvy, or that your too thin, or that you’re too ugly. Selfies are the cure to this epidemic.

Let’s be real here isn’t the Louvre and the National Gallery filled with Renaissance selfies? Got you there didn’t I. Van Gough, Delacroix, Degas, and Lautrec all saved there selfies in these large galleries. People spend years research these selfies and even getting degrees old age selfies. Whats the difference? Nothing. Yup theres nothing different. Let’s embrace the selfie. That’s right I want everyone to take a selfie right now. Go.


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