Why we should embrace multiple types of intelligence..

Proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 work the “Free Mind”, Gardner suggests nine different types of intelligence – Musical, Spatial, Linguistic, Mathematical, Kinesthetics, Social Skills, Introspection, Naturalistic, and Existential.

In general teachers and school boards encourage one type of thinking – Convergent thinking. This type of thinking states that students give one correct answer which does not require and creativity. It follows the most common and logical steps that gets the right answer. This type of thinking is dangerous as it crushed other forms of intelligence and crushed creativity. Convergent thinking is the thinking commonly encouraged by many schools. You get one answer. The right one. Another side effect of this is the destruction of divergent thinking. Divergent thinking encourages students to generate creative solutions in order to come up with more than one solution.

The focus on convergence thinking crushes the nine different types of intelligence listed by Gardner. It doesn’t allow students to move forward and embrace there own talents and a persons own type of intelligence. This turns the student away from education and in turn results in the students creativity waning. Due to this the student looses their creative edge and embrace convergent thinking fully.


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