The LGBT* community and Digital Media

For my final presentation in my digital humanities course I was required to prepare a presentation on a subject of my choice. I chose to do my presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of digital media on the LGBT* community. I chose this topic because I was interested in how the community as a whole benefited from the use of technology and how the community where at risk due to the emergence of new media and technology.

I focused on representation in the media and the negative aspects of social media. I discarded my slides on the advantages of social media for a variety of reasons. The main reason was that everyone could guess them. The disadvantages on the other hand weren’t as well known to the general public. Below I have posted a PDF link to my presentation, as well as sources and other useful material.

DH1001 Presentation

Sources Used:

Interactivity is Evil! A critical investigation of Web 2.0

Users, Interactivity, and Generation

New Queer Television

GLAAD Homepage

Same-Sex Marriage on Twitter

Risks of Social Media on the LGBT* Community

UNESCO Social Media and the LGBT* Community

Ben Steele on LGBT* rights in Russia

Grindr in Egypt



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