Growing Older, Growing Up, and Peter Pan . . .

After seeing Peter Pan twice this weekend the old age dilemma of not growing up was reignited. In todays society children are growing up faster and faster. 21st century society and culture are forcing children to grow up as soon as possible and for the adults who still embrace their inner child to stop believing in fairies. This isn’t going to be a blog post encouraging everyone to drop out of college or quit their job in order to become a child again. What I’m trying to say is that we should embrace our inner child, as it can help with our education, our jobs, and our lives.

It’s common knowledge that children are more creative than adults. Incredibly so. Adults loose this creativity and embrace vertical thinking which involves solving a problem by working it out step by step in a logical order. Children on the other hand embrace lateral thinking which is a creative approach to problem solving that involves ideas and logic not immediate obvious. To quote Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. As children how many times have we escaped lava? Fought pirates? Went on a fantastic adventure? We did this millions of times. All in our head. Now how many times have adults done this? Exactly. If adults embraced this ‘childish thinking’ problem solving would be much easier. With this thinking coming up with a new idea for a business or an idea for a presentation becomes easier.

In terms of living embracing this childish nature could drastically change your outlook at life. You get into an argument with a child and how long does it take for them to forgive you? A few hours max!  Children can easily move on from conflicts and can learn how to collaborate with those they once fought with. Adults hold grudges for ages and many times cut the said people out of their lives. Imagine how many relationships were ruined because we were too stubborn to apologise and move on? As well as this think about how often children lie? Very little, the majority of times they tell the truth. No matter how blunt. Adults? Unfortunately we lie and lie way to often and get ourselves into situations that can be very very hard to get out of.

Let’s be real here. A child’s philosophy is awesome and we should aim to fully embrace it. Embrace your inner child. Let your inner child out. Life is too short. We need to smile, create, and live freely. Growing old is unavoidable. Growing up? Now thats optional! Let’s embrace Peter Pan and get back to our youthful spirit. In the wise words of Peter – “I do believe in fairies!”


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