Raised by the internet: Good or Bad?


The above image contains a quote from musician Lorde taken from her song ‘A World Alone’. Being the first generation to be raised by the internet we are now at an age where we ask ourselves if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In my opinion it is a good thing. If I hadn’t discovered the internet I wouldn’t have discovered the knowledge and beliefs which I hold dear now. Without the internet I would be close minded and without any knowledge of the injustice in the world.

The world is changing for the better, people are now rebelling against the corrupt ideology which they have lived under. From police brutality in the US, to LGBT* rights in Russia, to feminism in the Arab world people are changing their ideologies. Without the internet I would not have known about these changes. I would not have known about the racial injustice in America the supposed “Land of the Free” and I certainly wouldn’t have been aware of the terrible homophobia present in modern day Russia. The internet has allowed me to question the current ideology and see that there can be change. Without the internet I would have labelled the people who are trying to change the world thugs. But with access to primary sources, first hand accounts, and a wealth of knowledge I can see that these people are not thugs. They are the people who are so often praised in literature and cinema but in real life when they are actually trying to make a change they are labeled as looters, and thugs.

Being raised by the internet has allowed me to get an education and knowledge that I would have never gotten otherwise. Online education providers allowed me to study subjects and modules in my own time and for free. Due to this I know have a knowledge of STS (Science Technology and Society), Feminism, World Politics, and Economics. If I never had the internet I would never have had access to this types of education. Going hand in hand with the first point the open access of education allowed me to gain my own ideology and political view which has shaped the way I see the world.

As well as helping me form my own political and social ideology the internet has helped me come to terms with myself. Thought the internet I found help and resources that allowed me to combat depression and helped me come out to family and friends. Without the internet I wouldn’t be able to come to terms with myself as a person. The internet allowed me to embrace myself and be who I wanted to be not who society wants me to be.


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