Brand New Day

I never understood the New Year New Me attitude. Not at all. You don’t need a new year to kick start your life. You can change it right now if you want. Theres nothing stopping you. Right this second you can change your life. Start eating healthy, giving up smoking, whatever. Do it now.

By waiting for a new year there is a pressure that you must start and if you don’t start you will only put it off and off. Take each day as it comes. Everyday is a brand new day. Everyday is a brand new start. Surround yourself with positivity and don’t take shit sugar from anyone.

Listen to your favourite song, drink water, and get out there. Every second is a new start. Fuc Forget the New Year. Embrace yourself. You know what you need to change, if anything. You know when to start. Don’t let anyone influence you. Besides if you’re going to change yourself for someone it’s not going to work. It will only work if you want to change.

The best advice is to . .

    • Drink plenty of water
    • Get fresh air everyday
    • Exercise
    • Feel good in your own body
    • Think positive thoughts and SMILE

Remember you know your body. You are the only person you has a say if you change yourself. No one else can make that decision. If you are perfectly comfortable with yourself then you don’t need to change. End of story.


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