The Importance of Education

Education, whether people like it or not, is important to our society. Without it we as a society wouldn’t know basic language skills, mathematics, or science. Our society as a whole is built on education. Imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have a proper education. Now understand that in a 2010 report by the Guardian newspaper  it was estimated that 70 million children are without an education. Education is vital to our society and our world. Here are a few illustrated examples to show this.


In a developed country our doctors and nurses are all educated people with a college degree. Without them the mortality rate would be ever on the increase. On a macro level doctors help us when we get sick, whether short term or long term. Without them we would be nothing. On a micro scale ordinary people can understand signs of illnesses better and better thus saving lives. Without education how could be know the signs of a stroke? Or a heart attack? This information could potentially save a life. Basic first aid education could also mean life or death to some individuals. All of these skills and knowledge come out of education. We can clearly see this importance when we realize that there are 270 million children in the developing world without access to medical services and 2.5 million children die each year due to lack of vaccines. In a report issued by the millennium project it is stated that if a woman in a developing country receives six or more years of education childbirth survival will drastically increase. At the moment 1,400 women die each day from childbirth related causes.

Politics and Economics

In a worlds riddled with economic hardship and political outcry, education could allow politicians and business men to make the right choices that would result in a positive long term effect. On a local level first time business owners or investors would more likely know their legal rights and be more wise investing money if they have received an education of some sort, again this would have a positive effect on the local economy as it results in more indigenous business. In a report by Concern it is estimated that every year a person spends in education results in 10% of their potential earnings. Looking at politics on a local level education helps the electorate to understand political issues and what the individual politicians are offering. This helps voters see through smear campaigns. With “controversial” issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, voters can (if educated) make up their own minds by seeing through bias or prejudice related to the issue in question.


Education can stop in some cases stop the rise of inequality and create a more just and equal society. People who have the right to an education are shown to be more open minded and more likely to vote for LGBT and female rights. When fighting for a more open and equal society education is important to bridge the gap between social classes, genders, race, and sexuality. If people are educated they are aware of their legal rights. This can help cure inequality in some ways. If one is educated they are aware of different attitudes present in society. This can help them be safe in some respects.


To conclude education is an important factor in our society. As a result of proper education people can make proper and informed decisions on important political debates. A societies health system and mortality rates are also influx due to the influence of educations. Finally improved and strong educational institutions can create a more equal minded society.

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