Why it’s time to embrace sustainable technologies and a green lifestyle

We live in an age where climate change is a reality and not a dystopian science fiction plot point.The simple truth is that climate change is getting worse by each year. Last year has reportedly been the hottest year on record according to NASA. Following on from this 14 of the 15 hottest years have occurred since the year 2000

Climate change is effecting every part of our world. Iceland, for example, is being lifted 1.4 inches every year. This can result in more and more volcanic eruptions. These eruptions greatly effect airline paths across Europe. This in turn effects the economy. This illustrates the power climate change has over our society. We can’t control the climate but what we can do as a society is create a better more sustainable community by embracing sustainable technology.

Sustainable technology uses less energy and does not waste the planets natural resources. These technologies can also be recycled or reused by the end of their use cycle. Sustainable technology doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to use. Take transport for instance. Solar powered high speed trains are way more sustainable than cars and buses that spill out high carbon emissions. The new program by Coke Zero in Cork City follows similar ones run in Europe – to encourage people to cycle rather than use cars. Not only is this good for the environment, but also your own health.

Biofuels, fuel made form natural and living organisms, is an renewable energy source. Biofuels can be used instead or petrol and diesel. They have increased in popularity in the past few years due to the rise in oil prices and the fear we don’t have proper energy security. In recent years the EU has come out on top as the biggest producer of biofuels world wide, which accounts for more than half of biofuel production. There are studies being conducted by the US EPA aiming to make biofuels more cost affective and sustainable.

Many people are afraid to engage in a green lifestyle at home. Many people think it’s a difficult movement to engage in. Due to this there are many myths surrounding a sustainable lifestyle. This can be clearly illustrated in Leyla Acaroglu’s speech on “Environmental Folklore”. There are many ways to life sustainable at home. One should buy bag’s and objects that are reusable. As well as this you should recycle as much as possible, from plastics, to paper, to food. Recycling can help the planet and also certain areas in a city where landfills are located. Clothes and electronics can also be recycled. Traveling wise people can easily take public transport or walk instead of driving.

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