The Digital Age and Sexuality

J’ai Tue Ma Mere

Sexuality. Wow. Dirty word. Dirty word on a college blog. Oh grow up. Sexuality, the emotional capacity for sexual feelings, is a natural thing that the majority of people experience. For years sexual expression and actually discussion of human sexuality was seen as taboo. But now in the digital age the general public and to a greater extent teenagers have the ability to access a large cave of information regarding their own sexuality which they wouldn’t have been able to access previously. The digital age is often defined by the wealth of information people can access and as a massive open place where people can spread ideas. Sexuality ties into both of these areas.

One blog on Tumblr The Sex Uneducated offers advice on sex education. It utilises various multimedia techniques to present the best advice to readers. These include a gif set which shows fertilisation through animation. As well as this it focuses primarily on STI’s and queer issues in the sexual spectrum. Another blog, AP Sex Education dispels common rumours teenagers believe about sex and sexuality. Tumblr as a whole contains posts in everyday language that gives quick advice on sexuality. This includes common myth such as genitalia size, orgasm statistics, and condoms. One post illustrates the social construction of virginity as a heteronormative concept, which means that virginity only refers to male and female sex which doesn’t contribute to homosexual activities due to different nature.