Hulking and Wiccan, Marvel’s LGBT couple.

In the first few episodes of Marvels Young Avenger’s, speculation arose around Hulking and Wiccan’s relationship. Flirting was obvious and the hints were there. In terms of the fandom the couple were already canon gay. Then in issue #12 their relationship was revealed.

Following this relation both sides of the debate joined in. Many were for the inclusion of an LGBT relationship while many were not. The comic showed the tender relationship between the two and important event’s such as Wiccan coming out to his family.

Although Hulkling and Wiccan were not Marvel’s first gay characters, they are the most prominent. Young Avengers have been heralded as groundbreaking in terms of youth culture and tackling important issues. After the events of the Children’s Crusade Wiccan fell into a deep depression. Seeing this depression Hulking proposed and the couple shared there first in comic kiss.

This kiss is groundbreaking in the Marvel comic industry as it finally shows an openly gay relationship without stereotypes. Historically when gay characters were included in comic books they were often marginalised and invisible. Further more, up until recently many comics had an adult advisory sticker on issues that featured LGBT individuals.

After this they both briefly retired from being superheroes and began to live with each other.


The LGBT* community and Digital Media

For my final presentation in my digital humanities course I was required to prepare a presentation on a subject of my choice. I chose to do my presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of digital media on the LGBT* community. I chose this topic because I was interested in how the community as a whole benefited from the use of technology and how the community where at risk due to the emergence of new media and technology.

I focused on representation in the media and the negative aspects of social media. I discarded my slides on the advantages of social media for a variety of reasons. The main reason was that everyone could guess them. The disadvantages on the other hand weren’t as well known to the general public. Below I have posted a PDF link to my presentation, as well as sources and other useful material.

DH1001 Presentation

Sources Used:

Interactivity is Evil! A critical investigation of Web 2.0

Users, Interactivity, and Generation

New Queer Television

GLAAD Homepage

Same-Sex Marriage on Twitter

Risks of Social Media on the LGBT* Community

UNESCO Social Media and the LGBT* Community

Ben Steele on LGBT* rights in Russia

Grindr in Egypt